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Considering that genetics dictate how every function in your cells work, we have helped hundreds of people suffering from a wide array of health issues. This is because we focus on building healthy cells, which can resolve countless health issues...

For almost 8 years I struggled with debilitating fatigue, chronic allergies and sleep problems. Everything I tried seemed to either not work or make me worse!

Working with Dr. Panzner, I've learned what genetic mutations I have therefore how to supplement appropriately to support my genetics and give my body what it needs.

My energy, productivity, and sleep has never been better. I've recommended Dr. Panzner to many of my friends and family members and hope many others seek out genetic testing and coaching as it truly changed my life!


I have struggled my entire life with blanket pharmaceuticals that never treated my personal needs. Genetic testing just makes sense. Since working with Dr. Panzner I have been able to get off SSRIS & supplement myself naturally. I’ve never felt better.

He is so easy to talk to and he just knows what he’s talking about. You can trust him completely. I think we ALL can benefit our lives from this kind of treatment.


I have been on multiple supplements and protocols for almost a year and a half to improve my fertility. If I hadn’t met with Dr. Panzner in October, I wouldn’t have known about my histamine methylation issues and would have continued taking the wrong approach.

He took the time to review the supplements I was on and even cautioned me about overdoing it on unnecessary things!

His recommendations have made the biggest difference so far in terms of my energy, brain fog, mood, and even sleep which I didn’t think I needed to improve!

DANI, 33

I wish my 20 something self would have had my genetics checked… now I’m 65. It would have saved me years of doctors, countless meds, using the wrong supplement to only make me worse. Repeatedly, I would wonder why my bloodwork was off, I had migraines, and felt rundown and tired.

I suffered insomnia for years, nothing worked. Doctors always had a new medication to add as a bandaid, not as a solution to my problems. My daughter found Dr. Panzner, and in turn, our whole family is getting genetic tested and working with him as well. He has helped her and myself tremendously. I have a fair amount genetic mutations which explains my health issues.

He is turning my sleep around, energy is returning among a list of other things.

Don’t wait, you’ll thank yourself. It really is life changing.


I was abusing adderall for 10 years. I tried to quit many times. The cycle of anxiety and relapse was both disheartening and discouraging.

Learning about my genetic code and the mutations that effected both my anxiety and dopamine gave me a new and targeted approach to quitting. The supplements Dr. Panzner recommended allowed me to manage my withdrawal symptoms successfully for the first time.

I love this personalized approach and I firmly believe that using genetics is the most effective therapeutic technique for taking care of your individual health.


The supplement protocol Tyler recommended makes me realize just how much I’d been missing! I now feel energetic and productive throughout the entire day, nearly every day. Even better, I feel like my brain is very switched “on” the whole time.

Tyler really did a deep dive into my personal profile and provided so much helpful feedback. A customized individual approach is definitely the way to go. I wish I’d done this sooner.


As a hockey player, your body is everything. Having confidence in how your body feels, and having that confidence every day, is crucial. It’s something I’ve always struggled with and I never knew why. It wasn’t for lack of effort. I had elite level training, proper nutrition, and took all the supplements that I thought would help my game. But every season, my body would still feel awful 2-3 weeks into the season. Now that I’m playing hockey at the NCAA level, I knew that I had to do something different or I would be in trouble.

So I reached out to Tyler and he was absolutely tremendous. He analyzed my genetics and broke down what was wrong and why, in a way that anyone could understand. Tyler found out that I had mutations that were the root cause behind my body breaking down mid season. He tweaked my supplement stack and offered recommendations to alleviate this issue and I couldn’t be happier with the result. Every day I now come to the rink with fresh legs and can perform to my absolute best.

I’ve gotten so much better because I can now put my all into every practice without having to worry if I’m going to ruin myself for the next day. If you’re an athlete who cares about their career, you need to reach out to Tyler ASAP because you’re leaving potential on the table if you don’t. I can’t thank Tyler enough for helping improve my game.

MATT, 23

I have recently had the opportunity to work with Tyler. The consultation was extremely organized and very easy to understand. His analysis of my genetic mutations were very detailed and well explained. He presented all the problems that were be caused by my DNA mutations, and provided solutions, which would eliminate or reduce the negative effects I am prone to, or might be currently experiencing.

My personal experience with Tyler’s solutions was fantastic. I applied all his recommendations immediately, and in a matter of days, saw my excessive energy levels becoming more chill and stable, felt more focused and grounded, and had a significant improvement in my sleep.

Tyler is so thorough with his patients, he will even take the time to send you the link to each supplement he recommends. All items may be purchased directly from a website for a discounted price. You will also receive a report containing everything that has been covered during the consultation. So there will be no need to worry about writing or remembering the information.

If you are serious about your health and want to age well and vibrantly, signing up with Tyler will definitely support your path.

SAMY, 48

Before I began working with Dr. Panzner, I struggled with anxiety, constantly feeling on edge and overwhelmed. My energy levels were low, and it seemed like I was always in a state of "fight or flight." This way of living persisted for about 8-10 years, and coping with these issues on a daily basis was becoming extremely challenging.

However, my experience with Dr. Panzner turned out to be truly life-changing. His approach was both helpful and educational, as he took a genetic approach to address my problems scientifically, giving me confidence that real changes would be made. Unlike other doctors I had worked with previously, Dr. Panzner was incredibly responsive and attentive to my needs, which made me feel supported during the process.

After receiving my genetic results and starting the process with Dr. Panzner, it took a few weeks before I noticed any improvements. However, around 2 to 3 weeks into the process, everything started to change. I experienced significant improvements in my overall well-being, feeling much calmer and at ease. My anxiety reduced significantly, and my energy levels increased, allowing me to engage in daily activities with more energy and enthusiasm.

I am extremely grateful for the positive changes he has brought into my life, and I highly recommend his approach and expertise to anyone facing similar challenges.


I have experienced a myriad of health issues the last fifteen years, some of which I had assumed would bother me for the rest of my life. My gut health was horrendous and I was vomiting at least once daily. I also dealt with crippling anxiety, brain fog and poor physical performance in the gym and life in general.

After consulting with Tyler and coming up with a plan, custom tailored to my biology and the issues I was facing - I can confidently say I feel better than I ever have. The vomiting has ceased, I can finally eat without feeling nauseous and I have been able to stop taking my anxiety medication.

Dr. Panzner has changed my life in so many ways and I will be forever indebted. I look forward to continuing this journey and seeing just what my body and mind are capable of.


I am beyond grateful for finding Dr. Tyler! I purchased the personalized coaching plan with him 6 months ago. After going through months of chronic illness and spending so much money on supplements that were honestly making me feel worse working with Dr. Tyler was an answered prayer!

He pinpointed exactly the strengths and areas that needed support and developed a scaffolded protocol step by step thru my own genetic profile. His knowledge of exactly what supplements specifically that my body needed and could tolerate was the key to further progress my healing. His wisdom, and professional insight has been invaluable to me.

I’m feeling so much better physically and finally on the right protocol for my body! Thank you Dr. Tyler for this very important work.


Working with Dr. Tyler has been an incredible experience. He described so many of the health issues I was experiencing simply from analyzing my genetics. The solutions he provided were not only actionable but very impactful! My husband and I bother noticed changes pretty quickly from taking supplements specifically recommended by Dr. Tyler!

My energy increased and my gut inflammation went down considerably. I highly recommend working with Dr. Tyler to understand how your genetics may be impacting your current health struggles!


Dr. Panzner's knowledge and approach to "hack" the body has been instrumental in the healing of my seventeen year old daughter. After a year of doctor's appointments and therapy, which always led to the doctor offering Lexapro, I had enough. It didn't make sense that my healthy full-time athlete daughter was suddenly riddled with panic and anxiety.

We consulted with Dr. Panzner and moved forward with a DNA test. To our surprise, she had multiple mutations that could easily lead her down the road towards anxiety. Not only was Dr. Panzner, encouraging and kind he offered science based practical solutions that worked! This whole body genetic based specific approach not only makes sense, it works!

After 8 weeks my daughter is back to feeling herself again. She's been panic attack free and handling every day stress in a much more healthy way. In my opinion, this is the first thing any parent should do for their child or themselves if they are struggling.

JESS, 44

Since my early onset Parkinson’s diagnosis a couple of years ago, I have worked with my wife on of researching and applying holistic approaches to help me heal. That’s Dr. Panzner came in.

Genetics is a complicated topic and you were able to break it down into understandable language for us.

Dr. Panzner also helped us prioritize the supplements that would have the most impact on my health. We began implementing your personalized supplement recommendations in April. Since then, I have seen the following improvements:

-Improved mood

-Sleeping through the night

-Greatly improved digestion/acid reflux under control

-Calm/no to very low anxiety·

-Improved constipation·

-Urine no longer smells foul

Overall, we are very happy we found you and are working with him as we navigate this diagnosis.


I had heard about all the science emerging about genomics and healthcare. Tyler took the science and put it into practice and the results were incredible.

After years of seeing specialists and failed attempts with prescription medications, Tylers approach was a breath of fresh air. Once I started my personalized treatment plan, my health issues quickly started to fade away.

I have Tyler to thank not only for the successful treatment but also the knowledge he shared with me. He took the time to teach me about my genetic mutations, relevant studies, and how certain supplements can benefit me specifically.

I am confident that anyone who works with Tyler will quickly be convinced that this how medicine should be practiced in the future.


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