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Dr. Panzner is a Ph.D. scientist turned holistic genetic health coach with a unique perspective on human health and disease. Combining his scientific training in cellular and molecular biology with the principles of holistic medicine, he offers a missing piece to achieving optimal health and thriving in life. His approach, called “Holistic Genetic Health Optimization,” utilizes genetic-based information alongside holistic healing techniques. This is an entirely new take on health, wellness, and medicine and he fully believes this will change the world.

His journey began with a fascination for science and a desire to understand how cells function in both health and disease. Dr. Panzner pursued a Ph.D. in Molecular & Cellular Pharmacology, specializing in neuropharmacology (how drugs and substances affect the brain) and breast cancer immunology (how cancer cells hijack the immune system). During this time, his interest in genetics and personalized medicine grew, and he realized the importance of genetic information in understanding our bodies.


I have spent over a decade mastering the art of not only understanding cell biology, but also how vitamins, supplements, drugs, and lifestyle affect cell biology; and ultimately your health and disease status.

Analyzing his own genome and discovering mutations that contributed to his inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, and allergies, he began researching and implementing targeted natural supplements and nutrients to address these issues. This led him to help friends and family by analyzing their genetic data and identifying the root causes of their ailments, often providing solutions that were missed by conventional medicine.

With a strong belief in addressing the root causes of health issues and teaching others how to live a healthy life, Dr. Panzner transitioned from research to a role as a clinical test analyst of next-generation sequencing data. He then started his own healthcare practice in June of 2022 so he can help drive the change he wants to see in the healthcare space by providing holistic genetic health advice to the public, as well as other healthcare professionals. He believes his approach can enhance the effectiveness of any type of healthcare practice, as it allows one to eliminate guesswork and get to the root genetic drivers of their poor health and disease.

Dr. Panzner's expertise as a cell biologist and pharmacologist allows him to understand how vitamins, supplements, drugs, and lifestyle changes impact our cellular biology. He believes in finding the perfect “puzzle piece” solutions tailored to each individual, as genetic mutations can make traditional supplements harmful or ineffective. I aim to arm people with knowledge about what works best for them based on their DNA.

While genetics play a significant role, he also recognizes the influence of lifestyle and epigenetics, which is how your genes can be turned on or off at any given time. Each person’s health ailments have unique genetic and epigenetic factors, and I strive to address them through my process. While he never assures a cure for every ailment, he remains confident that every single person can benefit from my services, as we all have genetic mutations that can be support through natural means.

If you’re unsatisfied with your current health status and resonate with my approach, we would love to work with you. Our goal is to provide lifelong information and guidance to restore your health and help you thrive each day, filled with energy, enthusiasm, and minimal inflammation. Let’s embark on a journey of health optimization together.

Quotes from Dr. Panzner

What if i told your perfect 10/10 day where you feel your best was only a 7/10?

Doctors are throwing darts at a dartboard... Blindfolded!

You can live a traditionally "healthy" life, yet still live with genetically driven deficiencies!


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