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Dr. Tyler Panzner

Dr. Tyler Panzner


Has spent over a decade mastering the art of not only understanding cells work, but also how vitamins, supplements, drugs, and lifestyle habits affect how cells work; and ultimately lead to your health and disease status.

Genetic Health Optimization

Have you ever wished for a cheat sheet to make sense of your health? One that could tell you exactly what your body needs? Good news, that cheat sheet exists—it's called your genetic makeup! Dr. Tyler Panzner, with years of training in molecular biology, neuroscience, cancer biology, pharmacology, and immunology, brings this cutting-edge science down to earth, turning it into hyper personalized actionable plans just for YOU, and no one else!

Imagine knowing the exact foods, vitamins, supplements, and lifestyle habits your unique cells crave - as well as which things you need to avoid. This isn't just a neat piece of info to show off at parties. We're talking about a potential game-changer for your health, overlooked by many simply because they don't know any better.

But you do have a choice! With Dr. Panzner's guidance, your genetics become a powerful ally, influencing every facet of your health. And while they may not be the only factor, they're an incredibly untapped resource that many companies interpret at a mere surface level. We're talking about not only resolving health issues but skyrocketing your life into an orbit of joy and vitality you never dreamed possible.

So why settle for health advice that's designed for the average Joe or Sally, when you could have a tailor-made strategy for ultimate well-being? This is your ticket to a life where you're not just surviving—you're thriving! So, what do you say? Are you ready to unlock the healthiest, happiest version of you?

Genetics is the foundation of our coaching approach.

Let us help you discover why your body behaves the way it does and provide tools on how to overcome your health issues and live the life you deserve.

Our Coaching Method


It all starts by providing a saliva DNA sample so your genetic code can be analyzed for mutations to uncover root cause genetic contributors to your presistent health issues


Next, your health history, goals, and underlying mutations are all taken into account to create a custom protocol of supplement and lifestyle changes catered to YOUR unique DNA


The last step? You learn how to incorporate these new tools and protocols into your life through guided mentorship. Think of this as your new beginning.

Holistic Genetic

Health Mastery

The Holistic Genetic Health Mastery is a unique coaching program that helps health enthusiasts, biohackers, and prescription medication users revitalize their cellular function within 90 days without being overwhelmed by contradictory information, dependence on pharmaceutical drugs, or blindly taking supplements so they can thrive each and every day!

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